Partnering Organizations

  • People 2 People Foundation
    The Netherlands (Europe)
  • ♣ Good Lamp Organization for Depressed Communities, West Godawari, Andhra Pradesh
  • ♣ Rashtriya Bahuddeshiya Samajseva Sanstha, Karmala, Dist-Solapur

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Make a Donation

Your goodwill and donation means a lot to us! We use donations to buy basic needs such as grocery, fruits, medicines and protein powder, milk and milk powder, educational material, school bags and stationary, toys and indoor games including entertainment CDs, clothes and uniforms, shoes and sandals, etc. Your help helps us to realize the dreams for these little ones.

Tax Exemptions : All donations to Mamta are exempt under section 80(G) of The Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.

Other ways of helping
  • Monthly sponsorship per child
    - Medical sponsorship - Rs. 500
    - Education sponsorship - Rs. 200
    - Nutritional sponsorship - Rs. 500
    - New Clothes - Rs. 100
    - Hygiene - Rs. 200
    - One time Lunch or Dinner - Rs. 500 (for all children)
    - One time Snacks - Rs. 200 (for all children)
    - Full sponsorship - Rs. 1500
  • Making grocery, fruit, milk and milk powder etc. available
  • Sponsoring educational material, books (educational and stories), school bags, stationary
  • Donating toys, indoor games and entertainment CDs
  • Donating clothes for daily use (new or old), School uniforms
  • Shoes, sandals, slippers
  • Toiletry items, furniture, utensils
  • Volunteering your valuable time.

Send us an email and we will collect any donation from your location.